Registering an NQT or ECT with Lambeth

If you would like to use Lambeth as Appropriate Body
for your NQT's or ECT's induction, please keep reading...

If you would like to register an NQT or ECT with Lambeth, please use the relevant form...

Please note that inductees can only be registered to begin/recommence induction from the start of Term One (September), Term Three (January) or Term Five (April) each year, due to the prescribed training element required in the new ECT induction regulations - in order to streamline processes, this restriction will also apply to NQTs.

If the ECT will be following a Core or school-designed training programme, a copy of the relevant Programme Details Form should also be completed and sent - this only needs to be done once per school for all ECTs starting induction at the same time.


A copy of the information submitted will be emailed to the NQT/ECT and those supporting them on submission and Lambeth will process the registration as soon as possible after receipt.

2021-2022 Registration Deadlines
Friday 3 September 2021
Friday 7 January 2022
Friday 22 April 2022

By completing and returning a registration form to Lambeth, the school agrees to pay the following as an Appropriate Body charge to Lambeth:


  • £225 for Lambeth registering the ECT for Appropriate Body services

  • £225 for Lambeth carrying this registration through into the second year of the ECT's induction

  • £75 (if one Induction Period remaining) or £150 (if two) for Lambeth registering an NQT for Appropriate Body services

Schools will not receive a refund for any ECT leaving part-way through either year of induction, or for an NQT leaving before completing induction.


This Appropriate Body charge will cover the following:

  • registration of the ECT/NQT with Lambeth 

  • Lambeth's administration and liaison with the Teaching Regulation Agency
    and DfE as appropriate

  • access to Local Authority resources through the Lambeth Induction website

  • Lambeth's administration to monitor and approve the induction period including the review of formal assessments and progress reviews

  • unlimited support to ECT, NQT, Tutor, Mentor and Headteacher around induction

  • For ECTs, quality assurance of the school's ECF training programme - if the
    ECT is receiving this training through a Core or school-designed programme

  • being part of Lambeth's quality assurance process of schools' induction paperwork

  • support and advice for any ECT or NQT at risk of failing induction

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