Lambeth/LSTSH Full Training Programme

For those ECTs and Mentors following the Lambeth/LSTSH Full Programme,
this is where you'll find information about this...

The Full training programme offered in partnership with the London South Teaching School Hub (LSTSH) - this will be delivered for Lambeth schools in partnership with the Gipsy Hill Federation, Lambeth Training Support Alliance, Lilian Baylis Technology College and the Sharing Excellence Partnership.

Year One

ECTs starting their induction in September will be allocated to one of four Lambeth clusters - Primary North, Primary South, Secondary North or Secondary South.


ECTs starting their induction in January or after Easter will train as part of a cross-LSTSH online training cohort, as numbers are not sufficient to allow for individual boroughs to offer their own clusters.

Mentors will train as part of a cross-LSTSH online training cohort based on the start date of their ECT.


Dates of training sessions for 2021-2022 cohorts can be found below...

* - where two dates are shown, the first is for the relevant North cluster, and the second is for the relevant South cluster; otherwise, both sessions will be held separately on the same day

** - these sessions will be held jointly, with North and South clusters combining

*** - these are two different sessions; Mentors are expected to attend both

ECT Intro1

9 Sep **

8 Sep


TBC Feb 22

ECT Intro2/ECT1

14 Sep **

15 Sep


TBC Feb 22

Mentors Intro/Mentors1 ***

16/30 Sep


19/21 Oct

20 Oct


TBC Feb 22

3 Feb

TBC Feb 22


16/18 Nov

10 Nov


18 Nov

10 Mar


TBC Feb 22

TBC Feb 22


7/9 Dec

15 Dec

24 Mar

TBC Feb 22


11/13 Jan

12 Jan

28 Apr

No session


27 Jan


8/10 Feb

9 Feb


No session

19 May

No session


1/3 Mar

2 Mar

16 Jun

No session

Prim. North - Vauxhall Primary School

Prim. South - Glenbrook Primary School

Sec. North - Lilian Baylis Technology School

Sec. South - Dunraven School

This document shows the Lambeth training dates, and when the equivalent sessions take place in Lewisham, Southwark and in the fully-online cluster across the LSTSH region

Please note that the page linked to
is password-protected and available to Lambeth/LSTSH ECTs, Tutors and Mentors only


17 Mar


No session


22/24 Mar

23 Mar

7 Jul

No session


3/5 May

4 May

22 Sep

No session


12 May


No session


24/26 May

25 May

6 Oct

No session


14/16 Jun

15 Jun

3 Nov

No session


30 Jun


No session


12/14 Jul

13/6 Jul

1 Dec

No session

If ECTs are unable to attend their allotted sessions, please email Dave Coram - there may be the chance to attend another equivalent session in Lambeth or across the LSTSH region.

Year Two

As 2021-2022 is the first year of the new ECT induction arrangements, there are no Year Two training sessions being held this academic year.

Details will be added here as they are available.

What we do already know is:

  • There will be six sessions for ECTs and six for Mentors

  • The clusters for sessions will be phase/subject-driven, rather than geographically-driven
    - this is likely to mean that clusters will be cross-LSTSH, rather than Lambeth-specific