Core Training Programmes

The second way of ensuring that ECTs receive required ECF training
during induction is to use a Core training programme...

The DfE has appointed four Lead Providers to produce Core training programmes - schools are then able to take these materials and develop a training programme to meet the requirements of this aspect of ECT induction.

  • Whilst schools will not have to plan programme details, they will have to organise and fund the facilitation and delivery of the programme

  • Schools choosing to run Core training programmes will not benefit from receiving funding for the release of their Induction Mentors to attend training

  • Schools choosing to run Core training programmes will need to provide information about their training programme when registering NQTs, as well as reviews at the end of Years One and Two, and will receive a Quality Assurance visit to ensure that the programme meets the requirements for this aspect of induction.

* Please note that this folder does not currently contain materials for the UCL Core Programme - clarification is currently being sought on this programme.