Changes to Teacher induction from September 2021

A summary of the changes that have been made to Induction
  • Inductees known as Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)

  • Induction completed in one academic year

  • Timetable release of 10% throughout Induction

  • No prescribed content on which to form basis of Induction

  • Assessed three times against Teachers' Standards

  • Funding included in core school budget

  • Progression on pay scale after completing induction

  • Inductees known as Early Career Teachers (ECTs)

  • Induction completed in two academic years

  • Timetable release of 10% in Year One and 5% in Year Two

  • Induction should be based on Early Career Framework (ECF)

  • Assessed twice against Teachers' Standards

  • Funding for Year One included in core school budget; funding for
    Year Two triggered by having ECTs at the school

  • Progression on pay scale during Induction

Any NQT who has begun induction prior to September 2021 has until the end of the 2022-2023 academic year

to complete their induction subject to the current (pre-September 2021) NQT induction regulations